30% off today + free shipping
30% off today + free shipping


The shipping time consists of two sections:
Processing Time: verification of order details, sourcing, quality checks and packaging. All orders are dispatched from our warehouse within 72 hours after the order is placed.
We also offer an additional paid service called FirstInLine that will ship your order from our warehouse within 24 hours. With this service your order will start in 24 hours instead of the usual 72 hours.
Shipping Time: the time taken to arrive to destination after dispatch from our warehouse. Your package take about 2 weeks to arrive, depending on your geographic location and availability of stock.


This is a paid shipping service, offered by our company along with the free shipping service. Premium Insured Shipping will guarantee you 100% Immediate Refund in case of product less and a much More Accurate and Controlled Shipping Service when moving the order from our warehouse to your home. This efficient shipping is chosen daily by 84% of our Customers and is Highly Recommended during this period of slowdowns due to the virus.



When you place the order, you will receive a Purchase Confirmation email confirming you order and purchrase details.
Once your order has shipped, we will send you another Shipping Update Email with your Tracking Number.
Attention: Check in your mail box well. Confirmation emails and the one with the track code are sent automatically to our server, so they may also end up in the SPAM folder of your email.
To track your package, simply paste your Code in our Tracking Page.
Tracking information may not be avaiable for the first couple of days after you receive your Shipping Update Email. Several days may pass between package scans. We assure you that this is normal and will not affect your expected delivery date.
Our Mission will be Always be our customer's satisfaction, infact we guarantee you the best possible services.
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