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EMS Muscle Kit
EMS Muscle Kit
EMS Muscle Kit
EMS Muscle Kit
EMS Muscle Kit

EMS Muscle Kit

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Normally, our Muscles are made to move by signals transmitted by the brain through our nervous system.
EMS, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, uses electrical impulses to create an involuntary Muscle Contraction and get your workout going.

Normal Physical Activity uses approximately 30% of a Muscles Fibres leaving 70% dormant.
EMS can effectively target and stimulate these dormant fibres.


Burns Fat and Tones Muscles

The Abs Kit is created on a program of 4 Power Levels, coming up to 150 contractions per minute. Normal physical activity uses approximately 30% of a Muscles Fibres leaving 70% dormant so this Muscle Kit can effectively target and stimulate these Dormant Fibres that allow a Quick Reduction of Fat and the construction of a Tonic Muscle.

Save Your Time

If you don't have Time, if you don't feel like Training, if you're Working or if you're on the sofa at Home, It Doesn't Matter! It only takes 12 Minutes a Day to quickly get the toned body of your dreams. Only this Muscle Kit allows you to train wherever and whenever you want.

Our Quality for Your Safety

Every Muscle Pad is made of lightweight and soft polycarbonate. This Pad sends a low 20Hz Frequency signal into the muscles that makes them contract and relax, as tested by numerous clinical studies.

One of our Customers who in 30 Days has greatly improved his Body using our Kit


1) Connect the Electric Device to the Pads.
2) Remove Protective Film and Attach the Kit to your Abs, Arms, Waist, Legs etc..
3) Press the desired button to start the exercise. Push the ON/+ to increase intensity. Each Muscle Device can be adjusted individually. You can select a different mode and intensity respectively to meet your desired muscle training effect.
All You have to do is Push the Start Button and get ready to Train.



 Basic EMS Kit

1X ABS Pad 

2X Arm Pad 

3X Electric Device

Complete EMS Kit

1X Advanced ABS Pad 

2X Arm Pad

1X Buttocks Pad

4X Advanced Electric Device

(Both EMS Kits are also equipped with 3 Gel Sheets Bag but Batteries are not included)



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